Hello, I'm Jason Hill . I am a software/web developer.

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A Little About Me!

I am a recent graduate of ECPI University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science with a major in Software Development and Web Development.I have always had a passion for computers and becoming a developer of software has been a dream come true.












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Current Portfolio (2018)

Clearly this is the site that you are currently visiting (thank you)! It is my most recent portfolio.

Camperland (2017)

Camperland is the very first assignment I was given while working at Trader Interactive. It was part of a mock up project the companny was undergoing for existing customers to modernize their websites and make them more responsive for use on all devices.

Pre-employment Assessment (2017)

Prior to being employed at Trader Interactive, I was asked to code a mock design of one of their sites to see if I qualified for the position they were looking to fill.

Cavalier's Fan Page 2.0 (2016)

Still riding the high of winning our first NBA Championship, I started a new Cavs fan page. Feeling like my first one was the reason we won in the first place, it made perfect scence!

Previous Portfolio (2016)

About a year out from graduating, I wanted a way to display all of my class assignments and independent projects. This later went on to become my professional portfolio.

Externship (2016)

During my externship at Hampton University, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Andre Smith, owner of Ameot LLC. He asked me to build him a site for his company so he could guage what level I was at. 2 days later, I sent him this.

Cavaliers Fan Page (2016)

Being born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, naturally I am a Cavs fan! So when I sit down at my computer ready to work on a new site, the Cavs (in the playoffs at the time) were the first thing to come to mind!


Replicated Sites

All credit for the carousel used above goes to David DeSandro

Note: The sites shown above and below belong to and were designed by Trader Interactive/ RV Web Services. They are sites that I replicated during employment from their previous format to their current format.